Architect Interviews | Sue Emms, BDP and Rachel Haugh, SimpsonHaugh

Extracts from my day job | Place North West

One of my favourite aspects of my day job is getting to talk to architects about their designs, motivations and what gets them up in the morning. They’re a mixed breed of people; some very much the tortured artist, some acutely aware that their work serves a practical and important purpose.

A couple of weeks ago I met with an architect who definitely falls into the latter category. While it wasn’t a meandering  conversation on the pros and cons of a particular aesthetic or philosophy inherent in her designs (and let’s face it, I probably do more than enough of that already), talking with Sue Emms was refreshing. She was certainly passionate, but focused on what is arguably the sole purpose of a building – it is used by people, so it needs to work for those people.

Read my interview with Emms here, where we chatted university buildings, humanistic architecture and why client praise is more valuable than any award… 

If you enjoy that, I had the pleasure of meeting with another inspirational architect back in January, Rachel Haugh of SimpsonHaugh & Partners, a starchitect practice that has worked on projects as iconic as Manchester’s Beetham Tower and the Battersea Power Station redevelopment in London.

I won’t do them the disservice of saying that Emms and Haugh are impressive women in property – they are just impressive architects, full stop.

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