By Jessica Middleton-Pugh

About me

Jessica Swettenham twitterI write for a living, but my day-job specialising in business, property and regeneration doesn’t leave much room for arty fluff between the pound signs and square feet.

Beyond my professional interest in buildings and how the places we live in work, the hangover from my degree in History of Art & Architecture means that I am drawn towards anything aesthetically pleasing in the world around me. Put less pretentiously, I’m a magpie. I like beautiful things, interesting things, creative things, and engaging things.

This blog covers gallery visits, exhibition reviews, artist profiles, and general musings on art, architecture and anything visually appealing that takes my fancy.

I’m based in Manchester, so for sheer geographical necessity a lot of what I write will be around the North West. However, visits to London, the power of technology and my brain wandering off to places with no real root in space or time, should vary the output a little.

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