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Big budgets are back in the property world, and with it the ability to spend lots of money on sexy brochures that everyone will want lining their reception tables.

If ‘sexy’ and ‘brochures’ is not a word combination that you ever thought you would read, perhaps this is not the piece for you. Or perhaps it is. Proof that even dirty-under-the-fingernails property types have quite good taste. And can’t say no to a slab of matte perspex masquerading as a book cover.

Either way, allow me my moment of indulgence as I lift the veil on the not-so-mysterious world of property marketing as balance sheets go back to black….

The kind of stuff that gets me all excited...

The kind of stuff that gets me all excited…

Fashion | Andrea Zapp at MIPIM

Every now and then, in a pleasing twist of circumstance, the personal and professional parts of my life merge. Being a property journalist, there aren’t many times when I get an opportunity to indulge in something art or design related.

Such a situation recently arose in the most unlikely of places a couple of weeks ago – MIPIM, a European property conference where 26,000 people descend on Cannes for four days of events and networking. It was here that in he middle of the sea of pinstripe suits I recognised something familiar – the sleek, silk dresses of Andrea Zapp, who I wrote a post about a few months ago.


Because he’s infinitely supportive, when I got back to the UK my editor let me write something about it to satisfy my artistic twitch. So read on to see how property, photography, fashion, history and marketing pleasingly collided…